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Helping Our Customers Find and Grow Perfect Plumeria

Plumeria, also called frangipani, are the perfect choice for any garden. Here at Love's Tropicals, we're proud to offer a variety of exquisite frangipani plants so you can find the right option for your outdoor space.

Beautiful Plants Without the Growing Pains

Upgrade your floral collection with exotic rooted plumeria cuttings and seedlings from our Morgan Hill, California-based nursery. Our colorful, fragrant plants flower all summer long. They're perfect for decorating a backyard, surrounding a pool, or making leis. Cuttings may be available seasonally at $25 to $50 per branch. If you're interested in visiting our nursery, get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

Plumeria Care Information

One of the many benefits of our plumeria is that they are extremely easy to grow. Plumeria are tropical plants, so they like warm conditions. They grow best in North America during summer when their flowers develop. Plumeria go dormant during the winter months, and you will need to protect them from frost, cold, and wet conditions. For detailed instructions on growing plumeria, please read the following documents:

Instructions for Rooting Plumeria

Instructions for Planting Bare Root Plumeria

Instructions for Growing Your Plumeria