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Creating Unique Species

Our plumeria seedlings always have flower characteristics that are different from the parent plant, since only one of the parent plants is typically known. Therefore, our seedlings relate to their parent plants, but will have always DNA from unknown parents as well. This DNA combination results in a new cultivator that can be registered with the Plumeria Society of America.

We start our seedlings every two years, indoors, under lights, and then move them into 4" pots. They are later transplanted into larger 1-gallon pots to be sold. This process takes about a year. We have around four-dozen types of seedlings available, including some of our favorite varietals, such as:


Aztec Gold

Bali Hai Pink

Bud's Cloud Pink


Charlotte Ebert


Curely Lemon

Daisy Wilcox



Gilbert's Rainbow

Gloria Schmidt

Happy New Year

Hausten White


Intense Rainbow

Japanese Lantern


Kaui Beauty


Kira Dawn

Kona Hybrid

Lei Rainbow

Lemon Shell

Madam Poney

Marinos Rainbow

Marion B

Mary Helen Eggen-berger


Miami Rose

Moragne 18

Old Hawaiian

Papa Bay Fruit

Pink Kiss

Polyn-esian Sunset


Sally Moragne

Siam Ruby


Ted's 15-16

Tillie Hughes

Tiny Pink

Uncon- ditional Love

The seedling you grow may form a variety from a combination of two similar, yet different, plants.  Every seedling we sell is potentially a new, special cultivate with a unique DNA sequence.  It you're interested in learning more, schedule an appointment to visit our nursery.  

Add Exotic Beauty to Your Garden with Our Plumeria Seeds

Love's Tropicals is a small grower of specialized and rare plumeria from India, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, and various domestic locations. Hawaii and Morgan Hill, California, are two of the places we grow our healthy and robust plants.

Your Source for Plumeria

No matter where you live, you can enjoy the magnificence of our plumeria. Our nursery offers a wide variety of specimens from cuttings, rooted plants, plumeria seeds, and seedlings. We've been in business for more than 10 years now, offering attractive plumeria to enhance the atmosphere of any garden or nursery.