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A Tropical Nursery Offering a Variety of Beautiful Plumeria

Love's Tropicals grows rare, exotic plumeria at our farm in Hawaii and at our headquarters in Morgan Hill, California. Our tropical plant nursery is proud to offer a beautiful variety of plants to meet your needs.

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We sell gorgeous plumeria plants at our local farmer's market here in California. Our nursery also ships our products nationwide; get in touch with us today for more information. These wonderful plants make the perfect addition to any yard or garden.

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As a grower of rare plumeria, we understand how much care the growing process requires. We take an attentive, caring approach to growing our plants. This ensures that we always have the best quality rooted cuttings, seeds, and seedlings available for our customers.

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About Us

Our owner has grown plumeria, also known as frangipani, for more than 20 years. These attractive plants start out as a 1' tall stick and grow at a rate of about 1' per year. We trim our plants as they grow and sell the cuttings from our more than 200 plumeria varieties. Although we are based in California, our company has property in Hawaii where we also grow our plants. We take a great interest in studying these plants from a biochemistry perspective, learning how best to grow them and care for them. Seeing how seedlings change over time and become new flower types through cultivation is fascinating.

In order to share that enthusiasm with others, we offer a range of seedlings and seeds to our local customers, as well as nationwide. We also have a range of fertilizers to meet your needs. As one of the only plumeria growers in Northern California, we are skilled at growing our plants in winter in a less than ideal environment, and we're proud to share that knowledge with others at local markets and festivals. Visits to our nursery are available by appointment only; get in touch with us today to learn more.


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Visits to Our Nursery Are Available By Appointment Only

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